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Bnei Noah Has A Plan

Stop Child Death 

Stop Child Death In India

As I write this letter, it is 116.3 degrees Fahrenheit  in Gujarat, 


Imagine yourself in that heat.
Now imagine you have no water.

Not today. Not yesterday. 

And imagine you don't know when you'll get water next. 

This is not a dramatization. 

This is reality for the 3 million people living in Vadodara.

3,000  Indian children died last year. Every. Single. Day.
We estimate a large portion of those deaths are due to the heat. 

On May 12th Bnei Noah International did another feeding for 

children in Vadodara. We fed and watered over 700 hungry, 

parched souls.

We have been doing feedings in Vadodara since 2014.

We started with this...

But this past Sunday it was like
The media attention was incredible this time.

Our story was shown over 40 times on 10 different news stations.

It was the biggest story of the month!

Indians were surprised because no one from India or America has
ever taken such care of the Indian children.

We got nearly 100 calls from people who wanted to join, have a
feeding in their area, or just to say thank you.

We’ve proven we are the most effective and loving charity in India right now on the scene.

We’re the only charity doing this kind of work in our large vicinity of 3 million 


Now we have a new goal.

We would like to stop child death all over India. 

How? With water. 

Children going to bed hungry is one thing. But children dying of heat 

exhaustion is quite another. 

Child death should never happen in a civilized 


The government has turned a blind eye for decades, spending millions on 

monuments and exporting 50 billion dollars worth of food.

Rather than a blind eye, Bnei Noah International has open and loving eyes for 

the children of India.

And we know they need water.

We will put a stop to child death. Or at least make a big dent.

Our founder’s plan to end child death is simple and brilliant.

Bnei Noah will purchase 28  flat bed tanker trucks filled with 

pristine, natural, mineral water. 

One truck for each of India's 28 states. 

The "water trucks" will jet up on down India’s main highways.

When a thirsty person shows up at the side of the road. 

The truck stops and gives them a cup of water (with love and a 


We will coordinate the operation to perfection. No less. 

The media (who support us enthusiastically) will give every city  

the estimated arrival time of the water truck in their area. 

The trucks go throughout the day and throughout the night, saving 


Too simple to work?

The ideas that make history are usually very simple.

The wheel was a simple invention. 

Fire was simple too. 

Both changed history. 

This idea can change history as well. 

We have proven we can be counted upon to deliver help.
We have proven we are the most loving and active charitable 

organization in India.

We have the plan. 

We only need the funds to purchase the trucks and hire the 


Our founder, Rabbi Shmuel Pollen has been funding this charity by 

himself for 8 years.

Now this has become bigger than Rabbi Pollen can afford.

He needs some relief of his own.

We are looking for visionaries who are ready to change history. 

The heat wave is happening right now. Let's stop the child death.

By simply giving us the ability  to purchase another water truck. 

Your truck will bear your name. 

You will receive pictures and videos regularly as you watch the 

lives you've saved. 

Each truck with its driver is approximately $35,000 USD. 

This is how it will look , only with the Bnei Noah logo on the front. 

All the logistics are figured out. 

We have a borewell that we built many years ago. 

This means we already have an unlimited supply of water.

Then the water needs to be purified.

We will be adding minerals so every drop of this water has the 

maximum health benefits.

There has never been a giving opportunity like this before.

Never before can you potentially saves hundreds of lives PER DAY 

FOR YEARS, for a one time investment.

Your donations will have never gone further.

If you sponsor a truck, you will know you have saved hundreds if not thousands of lives.

What kind of joy will those pictures and videos bring you?

And wouldn’t it be nice to go into the next world, with the people

whose lives you saved  vouching for you?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you had a hand in making history by 

stopping child death in India? 

I would think G-d would forgive almost anything for doing that. :)

We don’t want a pat on the back or to be told we’re doing a great 


We just care about the children getting water.

The time spent reading this was wasted if we don’t take action.

Because as we speak children are dying.

It's still over 110 degrees Fahrenheit and the sun is beating down 

on thirsty children whose parents have no answer to their calls.

Let’s stop this madness and cruelty.

Please call us now and schedule a meeting with our founder. 

If you are in India please call Nachman at +91-9265438825

If you are in the United States please call Rabbi Pollen at: 862-209-


When you call you'll receive Rabbi Pollen's convroversial 

whitepaper "The Dirty Secrets of Charities". 

This will ensure all your decisions are informed decisions.

If you are in India please call Nachman at +91-9265438825

If you are in the United States please call Rabbi Pollen at: 862-209-0015

We are eagerly waiting for your call.
Let’s save some lives!
Bnei Noah is a Registered Non Profit in the United States: EIN 85-1242622

Here is updated information about the trucks from our Vice President:

The trucks are 18-20 feet in length and 8-10 feet wide. They carry 11.06 us tons
We can modify the truck to become a tanker or a food delivery truck
Trucks can deliver water, food, first aid, and emergency evacuation.
Trucks can carry poor children, carry goods for the organization and can cover distances up to 300-400 sq km and more.
We expect rallies around the trucks which leads to more media coverage and more trucks.
These trucks are fast and easy to move.
They are cheaper than individual smaller transport systems.
The water Purifier will be between 115-135 tds (total dissolved solids).
The  purifier we plan to purchase will purify the sodium to fresh water.
Ground water has mud and salt which causes stones and the water is hard to drink.
This water can be used for drinking or cooking.
The image below shows how the reverse osmosis works to purify water
This is one time investment.
We save a lot of money by installing a plant to purify our water whenever we want and as much
quantity we need.

Bnei Noah.

Bnei Noah was established in 2014. Its stated mission is to turn the world into one big family. A family that reaches out to one another to ensure their needs are met both physically and spiritually.



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