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Why We're Called Bnei Noah (children of Noah)

Not too long ago, a Christian group was burned at the stake for the crime of telling people about their religion of peace.

This was done, not by the Taliban. But by regular Indian adults.

The torture in certain prisons in India is cruel and unusual.

Adultery is rampant.

Poverty and child death are completely ignored by the “upper crust of society”.

The politicians are corrupt.

There is a caste system in which those at the bottom 10% are treated like cattle instead of cared for like children.

All of this has made India a very immoral and often dangerous place to live.

If India has a future,  we must capture the hearts of the next generation for good.

We can inculcate young children in goodness, at the beginning of their lives that will eventually grow into India’s moral leadership.

That's where the Noahide laws come in. 

The Noahide laws are not a religion. They are a safeguard. Like a handrail.

They keep society from becoming hellish. And if followed, they bring society into a state of peace and harmony that can only be 

described as Messianic.

To safeguard humanity God gave Adam and Noah seven laws.

These are exactly what we want our children to learn, which is why we teach them at every feeding.

We not only feed their bellies, we feed their souls. We set them up to become righteous people like Adam and Noah who made the 

world better than they found it.

Here is an explanation of Noahide laws; the underpinnings of a healthy society.

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What Is the Oldest “Religion” In the World?

Many are unaware that “Noahidism” is the oldest “religion” in the world.

Before Christianity and Islam, and even Judaism, there was only one doctrine: Noahidism. Seven commandments for all mankind given to Adam and Noah, and repeated by Moses on Mount Sinai at the giving of the Bible. Though ancient, they are still in force today! The Bible is filled with many detailed commandments for Jews, but the rest of us need only follow these 7 commandments to fulfill our mission in this world, and reap the rewards of the next world.

Like all of G-d’s commandments, the commandments are not given to stifle or restrict us, they’re there to give us a chance to connect with G-d, in a way we otherwise couldn’t. We all know it’s hard work to pick out a gift for a loved one. Some might call it a chore. But we also know that if it were easy to pick out a gift, it wouldn’t mean as much. The commandments can be a challenge to follow at times, but that’s what makes them the most meaningful gift we can give to G-d for all He does for us.

But there’s something special about these 7 particular laws specifically.

Without a strong foundation, no building can stand. The Noahide laws are the foundation on which to build a society, and on which to build your life. Study history. Every society that collapsed first had a collapse of its value system. In any secular system, the values “blow in the wind” at the whims of the people. Stalins and Hitlers can arise at any time and sweep away the old priorities and destroy everything. G-d gave the remedy for this in advance. He said here are 7 laws; they are set in stone forever. And if you just follow them. Your society will endure. And it actually works!

These commandments also form the bedrock of the essential partnership between Jews (Judaism) and gentiles (Noahidism). Contrary to popular belief, both nations are chosen by G-d. Each is chosen for a different purpose, and we’re all headed towards one goal: a better, more G-dly world. We’re players that play different positions, but we’re all on the same team.

When we each fulfill our own commandments, all in worship of one G-d, humanity starts to unite. That will ultimately usher in the age of peace and goodness i.e. the Messianic era.

When people ask us what religion they should be, our response is always, “just be yourself!” Noah is the grandfather of all of us. So there’s no baptism needed, there’s no rituals needed. Just by being born, you are already a child of Noah, i.e. a Noahide. If you continue to keep Noah’s legacy, by observing these commandments, you simply become a “Pious Noahide.” That’s why Noahidism is a “religion” in quotes only, because it isn’t a religion. It’s who you are! But why focus on Noah all people?

It’s because his story reminds us that no matter how bleak things may look, if we get together and realize that we’re all in the “same boat,” we will not only survive, we will make the world bloom anew. That’s why a Noahides’ focus is charity. We’re one family. So if someone is suffering anywhere, that’s not just somebody, that’s my brother. And Cain was wrong, we are all, our brother’s and sister’s keepers.

The 7 Noahide Laws

Do not worship idols:

If we all believe different things, somebody is wrong. When we all see the one real truth together, we are united. There is only one G-d. And that G-d is purely one.

Do not curse G-d

One can trace every problem in the world, to a lack of respect for G-d.

Do not take a limb off a live animal:

Care for others more than yourself, including animals. To hurt any being to satisfy your own desires is not just bad. It’s the root of all evil.

Refrain from sexual immorality:

Animalistic drives are not here to be indulged, but to be mastered, and channeled into pure, happy, and long lasting relationships.

Do not steal

 Without integrity, society can’t function properly, and neither can we.

Do not murder:

The sages say: “To destroy a person is to destroy an entire world.”

Establish (Noahide) Courts of Justice:

We may not be ready for Noahide courts just yet, but at least in the US, the Noahide laws were officially endorsed by a US president. Help move your country in the right direction, by simply letting your leaders know that this code exists. Tell them that you think that in this crazy world, a return to these basic Biblical principles, that have lasted throughout the ages, may provide some sanity.

Bnei Noah.

Bnei Noah was established in 2014. Its stated mission is to turn the world into one big family. A family that reaches out to one another to ensure their needs are met both physically and spiritually.



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